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spacious en-suite rooms with breathtaking views, attention to detail and equipped with tv and air condition.

room type tt us dollars
single occupancy 330.00 55.00
double occupancy 480.00 70.00
triple occupancy 540.00 90.00
family rooms  620.00 103.00
honeymoon suite 680.00 113.00

how to leave seller feedback on amazon

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special rates and discounts

    • groups of 12 or more: $150 per person (sleeping 3 & 4 per room)
    • double (2 adults) including 1 child under 5 free
    • triple (2 adults, 2 children under 12, 1 child under 5 free)
    • family (3 adults, 2 children under 12, 1 child under 5 free)
    • honeymoon includes breakfast & one other meal
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